Get all the 2.0 lists in OPML!

Do you want a list of all the links on a page in OPML so you can pop it into your fav readinglist reader?

Using this URL
you can get exactly that. Remember to insert your own HTML page after the querystring. It will display inOPML in your browser like this:

<title>Links from</title&gt;
<outline text="Semantic thoughts" type="link" url=""/&gt;
<outline text="Coding reBlogger" type="link" url=""/&gt;

and so on.

Just in case you want to, you can validate all the URLs as well by using this Web 2.0 Validator that spiders the site and checks it for 2.0 compatibility. Our upcoming reBlogger Football World Cup website clearly needs extensive work done on it, it only scores 7 our of 49. Sigh.

So you've got a HTML links to OPML converter, now all you need is a list of Web 2.0 links and there are tons of those. So I'll provide a list of the lists and then you can extract all the links and OPML-ize them using the link above.

The following links are all from Dion Hinchcliffe

Web 2.0 Sites Enormous list! Donate to charity and get the full list as an Excel spreadsheet

Everything 2.0 Holy cow. What else can I say?

Web 2.0 Navigation Menus Nice, tight focus.

Sometimes the first is still the best. Yuri's pages are placed in themed categories:


One Response to “Get all the 2.0 lists in OPML!”

  1. Library clips :: Even more web2.0 Lists :: April :: 2006 Says:

    […] I just posted on web2.0 lists, thanks to Mark’s pointer, here’s some more: […]

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