Licensing is available reBlogger

reBlogger is a poduct that is destined to become a standard component of every “backoffice”.

Every company with bloggers must have a way of tracking those bloggers and managing their output. Many other companies will also use reBlogger to track industry news and still more companies will create internal R&D depatments to slice and dice the valuable comments made within their industries. For these reasons and more reBlogger is a product whose time has come.

Sell us into your vertical market

We’re looking for sales companies who are interested in licensing our engine from us. Because our product has such broad appeal, we need partners in all vertical markets:

  • government
  • military
  • motor
  • sports
  • science
  • industry
  • etc.

If you’re a consulting company or a software vendor, our reBlogger software might make a good fit for your product offering.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

It’s hard to be the leader because quite often the second mover has a clear goal to replicate and improve upon. The first mover has no road map to follow, only innovaion, vision, gut feel, customer feedback and instinct.

We’re already aware that we are being cloned by another company (right down to the design of our web pages) thanks to a user from that company spilling the beans. Someone once said imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess this is flattery then?

The truth is when they see reBlogger 4.0 they will perhaps give up and go find another less innovative product to copy. If not, the innovations in reBlogger 5.0 will put an end to their aspirations once and for all. 5.0 will introduce features that will cause a storm on the internet, they are truly world-first never-been-seen-before features.

So why license our software?

We have two major advantages over any competitor:

  1. IP laws protect us. This means that – as the first mover – we can slow them down and besides that, what they are doing (cloning) is illegal. At the very least they will owe us a % of their revenues if they make money.
  2. Copying is not innovative, leadership is innovative. We have a big vision of where this is all going and although I have shared some of the future vision on this blog, I have not shared the truly ground breaking stuff.

If your company sells into major vertical markets and you have existng company sals relationships – then please contact me about purchasing a license to sell reBlogger into your industry. Contact me: markwilson at


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