The reBlogger tech stack

reBlogger has been under development for over 18 months now. There is nothing else like it out there and we’re confident that it’s maturing into a very useful corporate product.

The growth so far

There have been many hurdles along the way, for example having to write very robust code to handle the non-conforming RSS feeds out there and the different versions.

Once we had built this robust engine, we moved “up the stack” to build our publishing engine, which publishes in a proven search engine optimized format.

Once we had that, we needed an administration system that only needed the very minimal attention (fire once and forget). Then we built an installer that works through ftp – making it the easiest possible.

After that it was finally time to look at the social services and the user-interface components – which is where we are busy now.

Our tech stack

Our tech stack looks a bit like this:


Still to come are the following “higher up” features in the “social” layer:

  • Layout drag and drop gadgets (coming in the next version: 4.0!)
  • A smarter way to find the web feeds you’re looking for
  • More powerful reports showing relative activity of keywords
  • World-first social features
  • More targetted product differentiation with adapted functionality to suit your exact needs

Hosted application and partnership

We are keen to establish a hosted application, but to do that we’re looking for a partner who can provide the servers etc. If you’re interested please contact me markwilson at


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