Free Ajax Microsoft Atlas (Ajax) Lab

We’re pleased to announce our free Microsoft Atlas (Ajax) Lab in which we provide free .NET source code to explain how to use Microsoft Atlas. The following blogs should be read in conjunction with the code above:

We hope this is productive and useful for you.


Launch of new website and new pricing

Yesterday we launched the new look and feel of our reBlogger website and our new pricing structure.

5 new versions

We also have 5 versions of reBlogger: one to meet every need.

personal_small.jpg hobby_small.jpg small_business_small.jpg corporate_blog_manager_small.jpg market_research_small.jpg

We are particularly excited about the introduction of the Corporate and the Research versions!

Personal Use

This is the free edition for small scale personal use.

Hobby Website

Do you run a small hobby website where you want to collect the news feeds from around the web and publish them to your Windows website? This is the version for you.

Small business

If your business has a small number of blogs to publish to your website, this version of reBlogger is ideal for you.

Corporate Blog Manager

For a company that has hundreds of bloggers, this version of reBlogger will track the blog posts, filter them and notify the managers when a blog post has swearing in it or discusses pre-release information. This version of reBlogger manages the content for the manager, so you don’t have to.

Market Research

This version is typically used to track competitors employee blogs and to research trends and explore market positioning. The so called “social” features of reBlogger enable an internal corporate discussion to slice and dice the blog posts of the competing employees.

ride_wave.jpgBlogging is not just a new wave, we think of it more as a tidal wave which will redesign corporate communications. We’re riding the leading edge of that wave.

We have recently decided on new innovations (like a free Ajax/Atlas Lab) and an improved direction for the company, so be prepared to see still more change and innovations from us.

Check out out reBlogger website and let me know what you think.

17 Pithy Insights For Startup Founders

17 Pithy Insights For Startup Founders. Well worth reading… along with the other similar posts I’ve collected in this blog.

reBlogger 4.0 is on it’s way!

We’ve launched the website and development continues on the reBlogger 4.0 version (although we shipped 3.31 fix and we will shortly ship 3.4 as a small feature enhancement).

Every previous major (RB 1.x, 2.x, 3.x) version has been a quantum leap forward. RB 4.0 is no exception. Our per-version feature enhancement list can be found here.

The goals for RB 4 are:

  • Simplify the customization of reBlogger for administrators
  • Improve search/filter engine
  • Improve and ease certain administrative tasks
  • Add social context to reBlogger

Look and feel

The look and feel of reBlogger 4.0 is totally revamped and is entirely configurable through the new gadgets feature! Put ANY gadget ANYWHERE on the page and design it in a visual editor.

This is what reBlogger could look like on your website. Click on the thumbnails to view the larger images.


Now it’s totally customizable. You do not need any knowledge of Atlas/Ajax or HTML. You simply drag and drop the gadgets right there… in the page!

Coding Microsoft Atlas blog

Meanwhile our Microsoft Altas coding blog is picking up serious steam as we explain how to use Microsoft Atlas – something that appears to be a mystery to almost everyone.

Coding reBlogger blog

And we’re also putting effort into describing the next version of reBlogger on our coding reBlogger blog.

So although this reBlogger blog has been quiet for a while, we haven’t been. We’re beavering away at making a better reBlogger.


If there is a company reading this who is interested in partnering with us to create a free online social version, I’d like to talk to you. We don’t have the $ to buy the hardware to set the service up, but we certainly can provide the code to do it.

Contact us if you’re interested in sharing the potential advertising revenue of such an adventure. (markwilson at topxml dot com)

Google Checkout

Ai caramba! Didn’t MS try this a few years ago… passport?

Everything 2.0

Just when you thought 2.0 had been buried… Everything 2.0 and they don’t have reBlogger! Scandalous!

The Spot 4 Oracle

ts4oracle_logo.gifSick of collecting hundreds of web feeds to cover all the Oracle blogs? Now get all your Oracle news and blog posts in one place: theSpot4Oracle.

It's built with reBlogger

What will you do with your reBlogger?