The reBlogger engine

I think that what we see in the next version of Windows – the RSS platform – is just one layer in a typical "feed stack" or "RSS Stack". I call it a stack because there are different things happening at higher and higher layers of abstraction above the previous layer, rather like a protocol stack where the lowest stack can be Ethernet > IP > TCP > HTTP.

Ivan mentioned that he is building the next generation reBlogger over the existing engine. In that post look for the words: "No changing original reBlogger code".

In the existing reBlogger 3.x engine, we have a stack of sorts – each layer has a greater level of functionality that depends on the previous layer:

  1. Find, track and manage feeds (all versions of RSS, ATOM, RDF etc.)
  2. Manage types of resources differently (podcasting, blogging, flikr images)
  3. Aggregate the content intelligently (collate/merge a bunch of feeds together – like the engine in Windows RSS Platform does)
  4. Mixing (combining posts into a single feed, from across different sources)
  5. Filering (to remove off topic posts, adverts, Google bad neighbourhoods and profanity)
  6. pre-Publishing (only publish newest items, avoid duplicates)
  7. SEO-friendly publishing (create highly optimized content on your own website)
  8. SEO-friendly site navigation (insert highly optimized navigation structure including URLList and Sitemaps)
  9. Automation (do all of the above automatically with no administrator involvement)
  10. Extensive administrator tools
  11. Allow customization of the look and feel

Now in the next generation reBlogger we will be adding significantly to this engine. In fact rather than replace it, we will simply add over what is already there.



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