How to: roll your own reBlogger

Let's say you run a website about sports. Do you want to collect blog posts on various sporting topics? What do you do if you can't afford reBlogger ($500)?

You can roll your own reBlogger for free! Yes! You can build a subject collection on your own website or intranet in a few manual steps:

  1. Find a bunch of feeds you want to track
  2. Use RSS Mix or Feed Digest or Feed Blendr or Feed Shake to collate/merge a bunch of feeds together
  3. Use Feed Rinse or ZapTXT to remove the rude words and exclude off topic posts
  4. Use an RSS Parser (choose from list 1 or list 2) to extract posts based on keywords or topics
  5. Use RSS Cache to keep a track of which items you previously posted to your website and only let you have the newest items (no duplicates)
  6. Use Feed Digest (or RSS to JS converter) to get the feeds transferred onto your website
  7. Automate some scripts to insert forward/backward navigation into the new pages (indexes, categories)
  8. Mashup (automate) all of that hourly

Or… simply buy reBlogger and get all of that integrated into one suite… with great administrator features!



2 Responses to “How to: roll your own reBlogger”

  1. John Tropea Says:

    MySyndicaat does all of that and more:

    – Import OPML or find or search for feeds within MySyndicaat
    – Splice and filter single feeds (boolean)
    – Apply another filter over all the feeds (boolean)
    – Creates a spliced feed, but yet to create a Reading List
    – Re-syndicate numerous ways
    – View your river of news in a feedbot viewer…make as many feedbots as you like…all feedbots are available in a Reading List
    Disable a feed at anytime
    Search full-text of river of news…generates a search feed
    Tag cloud for river of news (also create a synonym ring)
    Email a post
    Create a Digest for every feedbot, ie. manually post from your feedbot to your digest viewer

    Much more advanced feed property features

    – email subscription
    – dossier ie. a digest across all your feedbots

    – include external posts manually
    – each feedbot to have feeds organised into categories on the sidebar
    – presentation

    All for free!

    reBlogger has probably much the same features, as well as great presentation, and great SEO.

  2. Mark Wilson Says:

    Hi John

    Thanks for this comment. I appreciate it.

    I only recently discovered MySyndicaat and blogged about it. MySyndicaat really does seem to be a great solution, for sure.

    reBlogger still seems to have more features though. Perhaps it's aimed at a different target in many ways? You pointed out that reBlogger has an excellent SEO design. It also has filtering to get the rude words out and to combine posts for many terms into one category (all posts that have a or b or c terms will then filter into the X Category).

    Plus reBlogger can be installed (using FTP!) onto your own website (a bit like HitSyndicaat) or onto your corporate intranet – and it scales very well.

    If MySyndicaat does all of this, then I'll be worried. 🙂 Does it?


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