Tectonic shift in the blogosphere – Google’s identity services

Now this is interesting. Google authorized websites, Lighthouse? and Google's X-GOOGLE-TOKEN. I won't repeat the text here – just go read it. I think we're seeing a tectonic shift in the blogosphere and Google are placing themselves right at the center of it simply by handing out freebies and services to anyone who needs them.

I'm still unsure how long the money from advertising and from their IPO can last for. When Microsoft's AdCenter kicks in and the IPO money runs out what will Google do for income? Google has diversified into many businesses but few or none of them (free spreadsheets, free identity services, free everything) earn money. Then again, they made BILLIONS in the IPO and they make BILLIONS in ad revenue, so that date when the economics of the situation force a rationalisation of the business may be a long way off.

As Robert Soble said in Google announces more sleepless nights ahead for MSFT product managers

You're watching two massively different ideas about how computers should be used battling it out right on the world's economic stage. On one hand you have the old standard Office that says "load locally and use local resources." On the other hand you have the new, fresh and clean, Google Office that says "load on the server and use a thin client, er browser."

I think Microsoft is far too paranoid, far too experienced, far too determined and has far too many brilliantly smart employees to make the same mistake that IBM did when they ignored Microsoft. Microsoft won't get left behind. They might be a battleship, but as someone said when they got hired by Microsoft – he said something like "from they outside they look like a battleship, but on the inside they are thousands of speed boats, which is why they can turn so easily."

As the old chinese proverb says: May you live in interesting times. Or maybe this proverb is more applicable: It's better to be a dog in a peaceful time than be a man in a chaotic period. hehehe.


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