Office 2.0 + Google Spreadsheets = Query(trouble(MS Office))

I've blogged bout a lot of different Office 2.0 solutions. Some of them had spreadsheets like Zoho sheets. But now entering stage from left: Google Spreadsheets. This came sooner than I expected! Techmeme. CNET.

Robert Scoble says: Google announces more sleepless nights ahead for MSFT product managers

It's a good thing because of my philosophy. I want better software. Competition brings better software. It gets product managers to worry about customers. It causes discussions of features that were long-ago decided on.

You're watching two massively different ideas about how computers should be used battling it out right on the world's economic stage. On one hand you have the old standard Office that says "load locally and use local resources." On the other hand you have the new, fresh and clean, Google Office that says "load on the server and use a thin client, er browser."

I know which one I'm betting on. Why? Perspective. Even with my always-on-$80-a-month Verizon card getting to Network resources is still far slower than pulling them off of the hard drive. And, that'll remain true for a long time. Also, the Web browser simply doesn't have the API support to do really rich stuff.

Most interesting. I strongly recommend you read the rest of his post. He goes on to say that Ajax (DHTML) will run out of legs as people demand more features in the online version.

Don Dodge says that Google's online Office software really just competes with OpenOffice and not with MS Office.

So, while the headlines may scream Google Spreadsheets is competing with Microsoft Office, the more accurate statement is that Google is competing with OpenOffice. Remember, free and open source alternatives to Microsoft Office have been around for a long time. They serve a different segment of the market. Google is competing with Open Source and going after that market.

He wishes! This is a head-on-head battle. As Microsoft comes after Google's strength (search and AdSense/AdWords) Google is going after one of the cash cows which bring in something like 28% of the Microsoft revenue.


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