Is Tom Skerritt the new Clippy 2.0?

Regular readers will know that I like to chew apart Social website UI's and any other website UI that I think is doing things better or differently.

I am looking at this site See Windows Vista and I am amazed by the use of technology, the UI design and the usability. It's remarkable. I doubt Vista will be THAT good… will it? But the site itself is remarkable I think. Stuff slides around, it's so… so… usable.


Having said that, I don't think this new Clippy 2.0 (Tom Skerritt) can avoid the same fate of the old clippy. hehehe. I mean, that's what he is right? He guides you around, he hassles you, he tries to be chirpy and interactive. If you do nothing for a while he even walks up to your "screen" and knocks on it to get your attention. (I took the screenshot as he knocks on my screen.)

So what do I think of this UI? I think this UI is not at all suited to the emerging social interface (I mean, how do you shoe-horn "social" into this UI?) So while it's fantastically attractive, it's basically a much more attractive web-based brochure. A better mousetrap… hmmm… that's not necessarily a bad thing!


2 Responses to “Is Tom Skerritt the new Clippy 2.0?”

  1. Ivan Says:

    Well it may very well be attractive, but it freezes every 10 seconds… I’m using a DSL connection, but I guess I’ll just have to do better to “see windows vista”… hehe. They overdone it… plus I really don’t want Tom Skerritt telling me how it works. Perhaps Liz Hurley would be better 🙂

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