Sentence level annotation is coming!

Well… it had to happen. What we invented for a future version of reBlogger is already appearing here Unobtrusive Sidenotes and you can see the example here. They use CSS to achieve the effect of adding comments to the existing page. Niffty.

Now I've run into this crowd: Diigo : social bookmarks and annotationstestimonials.gif

Don't just bookmark! Highlight important paragraphs and put up digital sticky notes anywhere you wish in the whole wide web. Easily find what is important and why you saved it in the first place!


With a virtual highlighter and digital sticky notes, now you can highlight & jot down your comments directly on any part of a webpage and scan through all your research findings quickly. Easily extract and compile all your highlights across multiple pages for a given subject.Keep your annotations private or share with others. Exchange viewpoints on any specific area of a webpage – great for collaboration or debating an issue.

It's remarkable how quickly you can get an idea and find that others are doing the same thing. I am constantly amazed at this. Other people have productized this before us, so it will be interesting to see what happens now. Perhaps we'll launch what we have and throw it open to people to play with. I've got a bunch of blog posts pre-loaded from a while back which will give a good run down of the idea. It's really quite revolutionary.

They made it public first, but I think what we have in mind is not only better, but far more useful. Natch! 😀


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