Interesting posts from around the web

Every now and then I read through SEOData's reBlogger and pick out the titles and posts I think you might find interesting and post them here. This is one of those dayss.

  • Ad Quality – Google AdWords is improving
  • Complore : social research portal – Basically it is a place to keep all your bookmarks, but not only that, since it is based on a research model, there is also space for different document types like, articles, papers, events (create an event), and lectures…and these don’t have to have a URL, there is some storage space to upload files.
  • KM2.0 newmastering – ITToolbox is the type of km2.0 tool that I think we will see in popping up more frequently. It is basically a newsmatering tool for external news, articles, papers, as well as a collaborative tool for internal news, such as blogging, forums, wiki’s, etc…
  • Google Sitemaps Catch 22 – Apparently, in order to submit a reinclusion request, one has to acknowledge violating Google’s quality guidelines, even if they do not believe they did so.



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