Web inventor warns of ‘dark’ net

So… just as wikipedia gets "gatekeepers" (and loses it's uber-social status), Sir Tim Berners-Lee warns of the dangers of the web getting "gatekeepers"!

Web inventor warns of 'dark' net 

The web should remain neutral and resist attempts to fragment it into different services, web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee has said. Recent attempts in the US to try to charge for different levels of online access web were not "part of the internet model," he said in Edinburgh. He warned that if the US decided to go ahead with a two-tier internet, the network would enter "a dark period".

… snip…

This is based on the concept of network neutrality, where everyone has the same level of access to the web and that all data moving around the web is treated equally. This view is backed by companies like Microsoft and Google, who have called for legislation to be introduced to guarantee net neutrality. The first steps towards this were taken last week when members of the US House of Representatives introduced a net neutrality bill.

Yay for Microsoft and Google for defending the masses. Now… can they also restore Wikipedia to it's former glory?


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