Syndication but not republishing… what’s the solution?

Dave Winer says:

My feed is copyrighted, so they need my permission to republish it, and they don’t have it.

Well… the irony is rich on the ground. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. By it's nature it's main use is for syndication.

I can see how syndication is not necessarily republishing. To create automated services that republish, we need to have copyright built into the format. With over 40 million feeds out there it's just not possible for Technorati and bloglines to email each owner (including Dave Winer) and ask permission. So the most common solution is "opt-out" which Dave Rejects. 

I don’t think their offer of an opt-out is very convincing.

That's why I've been blogging about DRM being defined in the ATOM and RSS specs, so that the author can specify his/her expectations of how the content will be used during the entire lifetime of it's use. Have a read of my post: DRM in RSS 2, OPML 2 and ATOM 1

We really do need to resolve this problem.


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