Ok, now on to Boxxet.

boxxet-logo.gifThe site is not public (it's by invitation only at this stage) so I can't review their UI.

I can only guess at their functionality content by reading the various reviews.

What I found out is that you can't (yet) create a personal boxxet, you can only create publically editable boxxets. As a result those boxxets then improve and continue to improve as many people work on the same ones over time. So this makes boxxet like a wiki, because I can improve any wiki page. I really like this!

Boxxet: Wants to be the of Web 2.0

[Update: Once a user creates a boxxet, other users (who registered with an email address) can go in and rank the content there, i.e, whether they like or dislike it, and the system will respond by emphasizing or de-emphasizing that content in the ranking order. If enough people vote an item down, the content will go away.]

Review 1. Review 2.

You can sumbit books, blog postings, bookmarks, RSS feeds, gear, photos, movies, bars, hotels and restaurants. I do find the latter 3 quite strange. One thing, which I find quite sad, is how the site doesn’t have any tagging. You can, however, comment or review any submission. Also, for blog postings you can click ‘like’ or ‘dislike’, fi you choose dislike you have to say why, and this effects a score.

Review 3.

Boxxet functions like a typical Web search tool. Type a term or phrase and it produces links to existing social networks created by Boxxet users that mention the term. The results are culled from blogs, news sites, photo sites, and lists of bookmarks that people choose to make public.


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