Google co-op

I'm still investigating the social stuff.

Google Co-op is a platform which enables you to use your expertise to help other users find information

I read some interesting comments about Co-op in Google Co-Op – Google Embracing Social Search?

There are obvious comparisons to Rollyo, Filangy, Prefound, Wink and other social search plays, but frankly Co-op just doesn’t cut it. It feels like another Google Base to me – ambitious in its scope, but utterly bamboozling to the user. Frankly, I’m not sure that Google will ever get social search right – community-building just isn’t in their DNA.

Scrolling down to the comments for that blog post… Google gets hammered for not making the application clearer and easier to use and this comment was particularly interesting:

One thing that bothers me at times about Google is how this massive corporation sometimes appears to act like an opensource, nonprofit project.

Froogle, Base, Co-op, and others all seem to depend on other people doing most of the work, and then Google ultimately owns the data.

I did some searches in the SEOData reBlogger to see what other posts on Google Co-op I could find:

The thing is… companies like Google keep on trying until they get it right. Windows 1.0 was nothing, 2.0 was nothing, 3.0 was good, 3.1 was big, 3.11 (with networking) was massive. reBlogger is the same, we'll just keep on going through the versions until we crack it. No one currently knows how to do "social" exactly right, so it's open slather for anyone. Google will eventually get this right and I suspect it will revolve around voting.

Here is the Wink collection for Google Co-op.



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