We have a strong responsibility to our passionate users

If you read this blog regularly you'll know that I try record good examples for our company to reflect on. These could be bits of advice or business strategies or stimulating user interfaces.

In this post "Automattic gets a little funding" Matt makes a comment that I strongly value:

The best thing that can ever happen to a web service is to have passionate users. Users that notice and email you the second there’s a database problem, users that really push the limits of what you can provide, and users that are phenomenally successful and bring thousands of others to your doors.

As a service provider, you have a strong responsibility to these folks. They’re putting their life online with you, they deserve nothing less than 100% uptime. They tell all their friends to try you out, they deserve for the experience of the hundred thousandth user to be as great as the tenth.

Automattic is the maker of WordPress, Akismet, Ping-o-Matic and other services we know and love. I enjoyed reading this VC perspective on why they invested in Automattic.

During this time, I've been able to watch WordPress go from its first genuinely commercial grade release (I was at the release party where they had the laptop on the counter ticking off the number of downloads) to over 1 million downloads, a pretty phenomenal thing for an unfunded band of hard core coders with not an iota of time or money dedicated to marketing.

Sounds like us! Go team! 😀


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