GeoRSS-enabled feeds

From Google Earth: Neighborhood watcher

Google Earth is a geobrowser, the first of a new breed of display tools for geographic content, akin to how web browsers display web content

imagine being able to mark off regions Google Earth as watch areas. If anything new pops up in the vicinity, you get an alert. You could mark out the line of sight of the view of the sea from your house, for example.

What happens next? If new construction is proposed near you, the network link will have it, and Google Earth will automatically alert you. You can then check it out virtually — and if it worries you, click through to find out more from local records.

This doesn't necessarily have to happen in Google Earth. There is no reason why future versions of my newsreader couldn't have proximity alerts for GeoRSS-enabled feeds, just as it now has alerts for specific words. But it would sure be a lot more intuitive in Google Earth.

This guy is an innovative thinker. It makes me wonder what else I should be considering while we build the next gen of reBlogger.


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