Blog revenue sharing – paying the content creator

Redux – I'm revisiting the revenue sharing topic.

DotNetKicks has an interesting solution to sharing the revenue. They have combined their revenue generation model with a model to encourage submissions by using your AdSense ID. How it works is this: 50% of the times your story submission is displayed you earn that money.

So the revenue is shared between the site ID and the editor ID (the person who listed the post). But what about the content creator (the author of the post)? Shouldn't we be sharing the $ with the owner and author? Yes of course. But this raises the problem: how do we get the YPN ID of the owner so we can pay them?

I have a suggestion on this. Before you read this I suggest you delve into my previous suggestion about blog content ownership and control where I suggest we should extend the RSS spec to include a "robots.txt" kind of idea so that the owner can exert control of the content throughout the life of the content, no matter where the content goes or how it is used.

Now, as we develop the next version of reBlogger, I am wondering how I can share revenue with the creators of the content that we republish.

Here is my idea: you've probably seen how to claim your own feed on Feedster and Technorati? Now what if a publisher (an athor) could place their YPN ID somewhere (in their feed?) and whoever displays their content can/must/should use their YPN ID and share the revenue. The issue of can or must or should would be stored in the RSS version of a robots.txt (you really should read: blog content ownership and control)

If there is an uptake of this idea, then YPN or Google AdSense or whatever could easily become the main vehicle of revenue flowing around the internet. PayPal is the current mode of small payments, but the use of YPN/AmazonSense IDs would quickly overhaul that… simply because of the sheer speed of growth in the size of the blogosphere and the amount of republishing that is happening through products like reBlogger.

Here are some of my previous posts on revenue sharing:



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