New Interface – going stealth to protect the IP

After poking our head up a bit in the Coding reBlogger blog (and on Flikr) we've decided to go stealth. I'll keep blogging, but Ivan's work will no longer be public.

We've always thought we were onto something big and we began building it. As we built it, we refined it and discovered we were onto something even bigger.

We've begun to see that it has the potential to significantly shake the web. It should change the nature of:

  • hyperlinking
  • tagging
  • commenting
  • user generated content

It's an evolutionary shift in the nature of the web. Evolutionary, not revolutionary… but it will be so pervasive that it will be rapildy included into more and more products. As it's use becomes widespread, it will force new extensions to the HTTP spec.

Some would think that developing this stuff in public will create buzz and that's good for our company, but I've realized that we need to be a bit more strategic and protect what we have invented.

We are now approaching what we're building in two parts:

  1. the products – reBlogger, reNNTP, various websites – which will use the new interface
  2. the IP – which has tremendous potential in itself as intellectual property/patents.

I have no doubt our IP will be bought out and I am planning for it. Possible buyers of the IP/patent include Microsoft, Technorati, WordPress and any other cashed-up blog-related IP company.

Why take this approach? It's simply because we don't have the ability to shepherd the idea, shape the IP and help with implementations.



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