Google APIs, RoR and mashups!

You might have seen my post on Why Google is extending RSS and GData. I often comment on mashups and APIs, so I thought it would be good form to include a link to a list of Google APIs. Google is mashing up their own applications.

The experimenters and early adopters have already built mashups and the real growth will now come as pragmatists begin to mash things up. The importance of mashups in the next generation of the web will be incredible and will only reach the mass market when programming languages have been extended to provide easy tools to do the work.

I think Ruby on Rails or RoR is already going in this direction. Most people think RoR is just generative programming

Generative programming is a style of computer programming that uses automated source code creation

It's great that RoR enables such easy programming which in turn generates more code. But when I was watching some videos about coding in RoR, I noticed that RoR was not only generating, but it was consuming APIs with the greatest of ease.

The Ruby programming language allows for extensive metaprogramming

What is metaprogramming?

Metaprogramming is the writing of programs that write or manipulate other programs (or themselves) as their data

This ability to consume an application (or it's API) as a data source is old hat. DLLs, COM, AciveX all does that. But with Ajax (and the ability for RoR to generate all the client side stuff) the power to create complex systems (that mashup up APIs that were previously kept separate) has moved into the hands of the common programmer.

This is the thin edge of a very thick wedge. We live in interesting times!


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