Feeding on Pheedo

One of the signals I look for in a company that will eventually have ongoing and lasting success is this: they keep on pumping out changes, improvements, innovations and products. They don't stop. One such company is Pheedo (blog). Pheedo just keeps on keeping on.

We know that FeedBurner (blog) (API) offers ads in your RSS feed. But you then have to have your RSS feed "hosted" by their website. So if I placed ad in my RSS feed, I can no longer point to my own RSS feed, but I'd have to point to their copy of my feed on their website. Sucky.

Enter stage from left… Pheedo. Easy RSS Advertising From Pheedo. Now I can have ads in my own RSS. Yeah! That's nice. But what I'm really drawing your attention to is their blog and in particular the posts about the state of the RSS industry.

I've often linked to the fairly basic Technorati graphs showing the upward curve of the blogosphere see: Times they are a-changing… and Technorati – State of the blogosphere April 2006 and Technorati – State of the Blogosphere, February 2006.

But now Pheedo are sharing some of their own really excellent statistical research. Here are some excellent posts related to RSS-based advertising (CTR ratios, best placement, best frequency etc.):

Pheed Read #2 – Standalone RSS Ads Perform, Ad-to-Post Ratios Clarified


Standalone RSS ads are far more successful than inline ads.
A standalone RSS ad (the entire post is the advertisement) generates, on average, a 7.99% click-through rate – over nine times more clicks than an inline RSS ad (an advertisement within a publisher's post).

When ads are placed in every other feed post, users clicked on the ad 3.24% of the time. This is over three times more effective than placing an advertisement in every post in a feed, where the CTR is 1.04%

"Pheed Read" No. 1 – report on the state of RSS advertising.

Tuesday is the most active day in RSS; Saturday least active.

The “morning scanners” view most content; late night readers click through more.

Pheed Read #1 was just the basic info, but Pheed Read #2 contains really valuable information. I find it quite rare the a company will publish truly useful stats with truly useful graphs. If you're into RSS-based advertising, you should DEFINITELY subscribe to the Pheedo blog.

(Found through SEOData using the reBlogger aggregation product)


2 Responses to “Feeding on Pheedo”

  1. Bill Flitter Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Mark. We appreciate your support.

  2. Mark Wilson Says:

    No worries Bill, I am watching you guys with interest!

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