Times they are a-changing…

Here are some highlights that you may be interested in:

Technorati Top 100 Is Changing Radically:

There are many implications to this phenomenon, all of them fascinating and deeply disruptive to U.S. West Cost-centric view of the blogosphere:

– Blogging is a global phenomenon – duh! (I can’t even read a lot of the blogs that link to Publishing 2.0)
– MSN Spaces is kicking MySpace’s butt in Asia
– The cross-linking power of these personal blogs makes those of us writing on “professional” topics look like we’re sitting in a very small room
– The technology blogs that dominated the early geekosphere my soon be crowded out of the Technorati Top 100
– The provincial U.S. view of 2.0 does little to help us understand the globalization of 2.0


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