Digg-In-A-Box… the interview

In a previous post reBlogger past, present and future I mentioned that I had completed our first interview about reBlogger with Robin Good. I'm very pleased to point to the interview (available as audio, MP3 and text): Digg-In-A-Box? Automatic News Filtering And Aggregation? Newsmastering Engines Keep Growing: reBlogger Is Next

Here is a short quotation from the page containing the 40 minute interview. Robin says:

There is a huge, infinite market for quality, filtered information on specialized topics out there.


Because, everyone on the edge of using new media technologies today knows that the amount of information that is ALREADY coming our way now, it is just too much to handle. Tech Memeorandum, Digg, Personalized Google News, Start/Live are great, but they are only a small part of the solution.

We just need to scale up more. And that means doing ourselves the dirty work of filtering, selecting and aggregating the very best content out there on any specific imaginable topic. This is why, this is truly the job of the future, and watching only blogs, as they are today, maybe a too limiting view.

And when we say aggregate it should not mean just to aggregate blog posts, but also and evidently news, comments, video and audio clips, relevant products and services and relevant ads and commercial info on that very content theme.

And what tools do we have today to do this kind of work?

Few. In fact too few to really satisfy the soon to explode demand for these kind of publishing services that the content market will see.

And this is why I took the time to skype up Mark Wilson, CEO and founder of one of those very few, but also very promising companies already moving its early steps into this soon-to-be-blooming newsmastering industry.

reBlogger a server-based software that Mark and his team have released over a year and half ago, is a newsmastering engine that allows the creation of highly thematic and relevant newsfeeds on just about any selected topics of interest. You feed the engine with enough news sources in the format of RSS/Atom feeds and then you specify the "themes" or topics you want to be output. reBlogger does the rest.

Not only.

As you can learn by reading through, Mark and his team are working right now on the upcoming release of a full "Digg-in-a-box" type of tool, which allow any online publisher to recreate the popular and highly effective Digg-functionality on their sites to create their vertical information portals fueled by their readers.

Here, for example, is a good example of what reBlogger could do, if you wanted to build a site about the upcoming World Soccer Cup in Germany.

Read or listen to the mp3 online: Digg-In-A-Box? Automatic News Filtering And Aggregation? Newsmastering Engines Keep Growing: reBlogger Is Next



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