Ivan codes more reBlogger engine goodies

Ivan has had a hard day coding the next generation engine. I definitely see the wisdom of separating reBlogger 3.2 (and 3.3) from this product.

  • RB 3.x is really for SEO sites and is easily built and installed, minimal fuss
  • Our next generation product is for creating DIGG sites – it's got much more power and ability

The two code bases should remain separate I think. They serve different customers. The people now buying reBlogger 3.2 will not necessarily like the enterprise features of this next generation product. I see the two product this way:

  • reBlogger is SEO-in-a-box. It's for existing businesses and websites to bulk-up and improve their ranking to sell existing products.
  • Our next generation product is a business all in itself. It's DIGG in a box. One day you had no company and no income, the next day you have a good shot at leading the DIGG pack and making real money.

That's IMO the vast difference between the two products. We probably need to invest 3-6 months into our next gen product until it's really kick-butt, but that's the enormous difference I see emerging.



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