Rolling a DIGG style website

My post on Collections of 2.0 posts remains by far the most popular post in this blog. Here is a list of 80 DIGG-style websites "Digg's Friends and Relations".

Another interesting blog post is Web 2.0 Commoditization. Commoditization is where so many people are building widgets that someone eventually builds a widget-making-tool to help everyone build their widgets easier. reBlogger is that kind of product, it helps you make DIGG-style websites easily.

How many people are into this social media industry? I've listed some Technorati stats before, but here is an interesting post about the money in the industry: Social Media Spending to Hit $757M in 2010.

As I mentioned previously reBlogger has a bunch of SEO features, but it's also designed to create DIGG-style websites. Let me explain.

digg.JPGDo you want to make a DIGG-style website?

kicks.JPGIf you did, would you build a tech site like a Kicks website?

bringr.JPGPerhaps you're pink and cuddly… then maybe you'd build a Bringr website!

Whatever you want to build, you can use reBlogger to build it.

Take a look at Ivan's Coding reBlogger blog as he describes his experiences of building on top of reBlogger. He is building a DIGG-style website in only 10 days.

fwc2006.jpgSo what does a reBlogger based DIGG style website look like? Check out the preview image and watch his DIGG-style Football World Cup 2006 site as it grows!

We'll no doubt package these extensions Ivan is building, so that people don't have to build it for themselves. The idea is that customers just buy reBlogger and then make their own look and feel. Insta-DIGG! 🙂

After building this Football World Cup 2006 site I'd like to see us build another one on another topic. I know where the Microsoft OPML file is which contains ALL their bloggers. hehehe. And IBM has one too (one for their products, one for their bloggers). Muhahahaha. What could we do with those?

For the future… I'd like reBlogger grow a bit in the ability to maintain these different themes. One set of data, but when a person views a Football post, they view it with the appropriate look and feel. If they view a Microsoft post, they get that look and feel. If they view an IBM or SEO or whatever post, they get that specific theme. Why should EVERY page on the website look identical to EVERY OTHER page? Booooring!

So when we move on to the next theme, I want this football theme stored, I want to be able to view it's "front page" and still see it's categories etc. I don't want to discontinue this theme, but let people look back over all the themes we've had in the past. Since most of our look and feel is in CSS, I think this should be relatively simple.



6 Responses to “Rolling a DIGG style website”

  1. ycc2106 Says:

    Very interesting post, the links are definitely to check out. Thanks! 🙂

  2. Mark Wilson Says:

    Thanks for your feedback. Please contact me about advertising on your website! 😉

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