WordPress(.com) suggestions

5 April 2006

Make the comments for posts differentiate between readers comment, my comments to readers and pingback. Kinda like this, take a look at the visual layout of their comments. Nice. 😀

Let me make a single signiature file (like in email) that is included at the end of every post in which I can insert all my bookmarking and other JS bits and pieces.

RSS stats please. How many people are consuming my RSS feeds?

One login with admin privs on my other blogs is great. But please make it easy for me to temporarily change identity so I can post into the various blogs in the "local" identity – but then return me to my uber-login identity. I hope that makes sense? If you need more info just click the "email me" widget in the sidebar with your question. Oh, wait… drat, you guys haven't built that one yet. 😉

UPDATE: 10 April 2006 – They improved the login, I don't know if it posts in the local identity though.

31-ish April 2006
An "email me" widget that lets people email me securely (without exposing my email address).

20-ish April 2006

Make all widgets available in all themes. It's annoying that some themes have three columns, but are dark gray (yuck). The really nice light/happy looking themes look good but lack functionality – they don't have the widgets and don't have wide columns. I get the feeling some themes have become abandoned areas and won't be updated by the creators. So please please make all widget work everywhere right away without the involvement of the creators.

-ish means approximate date when I submitted it to wordpress. But I'm recording it here now so I don't forget.


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