RawSugar, whonu, TalkDigger

RawSugar. I can't figure out why, but this service is not engaging. It may be brilliant, and it certainly is someone's love child that they have worked hard over… but when I view this page I find myself waiting for it to do something. It's waiting for me. Nothing happens. Why? what is missing?

Who Nu? (whonu) (blog). Clever 2.0 name! But the interface is so full of choices that I spent ages trying to figure out where to start. Then the "lightning searches" horizontal band started flashing and I couldn't make it stop. Shows great potential – if only I could make it work. Great looking site though.

These two sites might be struggling with the UI challenge I am referring to in this post: Battle of the UI’s (search *or* meme/social)


2 Responses to “RawSugar, whonu, TalkDigger”

  1. chris sisler Says:

    If you're into whonu why not try Yurnet (blog)? You may find it to be a more useful tool!

  2. Mark Wilson Says:

    Cool Chris, thanks for the post. Interesting site and interesting approach. I’ve make your comments hyperlinks clickable and added links through to your blog.

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