Collections of 2.0 posts

Just in case you missed it (I did!) and to record it for when I need it, check out these links at spot spot spot (3spots)

ALL Social that CAN bookmark

His index is this:

Another excellent list of digg-style applications can be found here:

All the digg-style applications: The list !!!

His index is this:

From the same site (spot, spot, spot) a list of sites with Ajax front pages.
In all cases, check out the comments for updates, wrong links and missing items.

All things 2.0 

This is a list of web 2.0 company logos. 2.0 fonts.

This is fabulous use of orange. This is NOT fabulous use of orange.

FWIW: Here is how to create a killer web 2.0 strategy in minutes 😀 (Is it April 1?)


4 Responses to “Collections of 2.0 posts”

  1. peri® Says:

    more web2.0 company logos:

    LOGO2.0 part I
  2. Library clips :: web 2.0 lists and profile bookmarking :: April :: 2006 Says:

    […] – Furl BOOKMARK THIS POST: – Furl – Simpy – Watchlist – digg RELATED: Furl – Waypath «« Previous: Graze tags from your blogpost […]

  3. $3 xxx dvd Says:

    $3 xxx dvd

    Collections of 2.0 posts « Semantic thoughts

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