Online RSS readers

reBlogger is many things to many people:

  1. a content management system (which fills itself with content and creates admin-defined themes for websites)
  2. an SEO product that is highly optimized so that you can publish your content to your website in the perfect search engine friendly format. It's SEO in a box.
  3. A research tool helping companies track their own company bloggers, or tracking competitors/product blogs
  4. An online RSS reader for the individual to track their own interests

This post is about number 4: reBlogger as an online RSS reader.

So what do people want as a perfect online RSS reader? Here is a comparative listing and another excellent list of feaures that every online RSS reader should have.

I'll add a few items to those lists:

  • Indicate if the RSS post has something of special interest to the reader. Out of a river-of-news of posts, highlight with a different background color the posts which have keywords that the reader is interested in, so they can go directly to that series of posts
  • Context – are there related items that the reader might consider reading?
  • SEO friendly – ensure the page that contains the RSS post is engine friendly, the URL has no querstrings (use URL rewriting)
  • Ensure that no matter how many different paths a reader can take to get to that post (search, related links, tags, navigation icons) – only have 1 copy of the post (1 URL) even if it's under many tags/keywords
  • Ensure that readers of the post are encouraged to visit the post creator's site (give props to the creator)
  • Ensure that old posts still remain in the system and the site navigation is good enough to help the reader find old posts by that author
  • Why only allow RSS reading? How about merging all the different sources of data (eg NNTP) together?



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