Anthony “gets” reBlogger and buys it

This is great unsolicited feedback from a customer who downloaded the 30-day reBlogger demo:

This looks like a really cool program. It addresses so many SEO issues in one neat package. I am really excited to see it work. I am going to run it through the paces and if everything works out I will definitely be buying the program.

I was pleased to see his feedback, so I asked him specifically what he liked about reBlogger. This was his feedback:

The biggest thing is fresh content specifically targeted to my keyword. It allows me to add pages to my site without giving up pagerank. It creates optimized pages specifically targeted to my keywords. These are not just spam pages. I have just started using it but I am pretty sure I can tweak the key words so reblogger can create tightly themed pages our visitors will find interesting and use as a resource. I see this section of our site as something to draw visitors back over and over again to our site. Reblogger also addresses sitemaps, and no-follow. But again I see the biggest thing as having the ability to provide timely useful content to our visitors. The hope is our site will become a hub for dog related sites.

At first Anthony seems to have been attracted by the SEO features but then rapidly realized reBlogger's incredible ability to create themes on anything. Anthony purchased reBlogger a day later. Cha-ching! Awesome.

Anthony at 5 Star Dog, we thank you! You've made our day. We hope you go on to grow the leading hub for dog related sites. 😀



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