A huge vote for us

This site, Library Clips, has written about Newsmastering and advertising and covered the ways each blog-software company uses blogger posts. This is a very informative and insightful post IMO.

He writes:

Now if someone clicks on an ad whilst viewing this page, my blog doesn’t get any money as I’m not explicitly affiliated, yet it is my content, and if my content were not there, they would be not clicking on ads, therefore no money.

I encourage you to read four of my posts which relate to this:

Now when he writes about reBlogger he says:

Here is a sample post of mine re-syndicated in a professional newsmastering tool called reBlogger, this Public RSS Reader created with reBlogger is called SEO Data.

It is so professional, it re-syndicates full-text, but if you want to leave a comment it points to the native post…at the top of this post is states the blogger (me) and a link to my blog, as well as the category my blog belongs in SEO Data, and an index of my posts by date, (this doesn’t have ads).

From what I can see, here are the things (in his opinion) that we are doing right:

  • not earning from ads on seodata.com
  • linking back to him
  • encouraging people to leave comments at HIS website
  • posting the full text (not partial)
  • looking professional
  • providing an index of his posts

Woohoo! Recoginition feels so good! 🙂



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