Now it’s getting serious

You may know the saying: cometh the time, cometh the man.

Wink and you missed it. Let's take a look at this social app.

  • Uses Google's engine data (apparently)
  • Allows me to vote up (click the star) and ban (vote down)
  • Assemble a set of tags and favorite links on a topic – a collection
  • Do a search and then vote
  • Do a search and see the results ordered by the votes of others
  • "Featured collections"
  • Has API type stuff
  • Their blog is here

Read this blog post of theirs, they are focussed on exploring too.

At each step along the way I tagged the pages I was on. There were two ways to do this. The first was to click on the yellow star to the left of any result. A pop up opens and gives me a chance to add a few words I think were relevant. It was pre-populated with the query term, and I sometimes added additional words. When I hit “return” the star lit up and the number above it incremented by one.

I decided to make a collection of all the links I’d found, and called it EOS Lenses. Now someone who really got interested in researching lenses for an EOS camera could find everything I’d found in one easy place

Uh-oh. Here is his collection.

We have competition. They only have half of what we envision, but they will rapidly get the rest soon – no doubt.

An interesting thing is that they don't have their own content, they perhaps just use the APIs of the various services they call.


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