Why Memeorandum and DIGG are so great: they link out

An interesting post is this one: Why Memeorandum and DIGG are so great: they link out which is a companion to this post Why Memeorandum and DIGG are so great: they link out and the essence of both posts is:

these two sites are amazing and they've been sending our network a ton of traffic

Go to DIGG and Memeorandum and they have 20-100 links out to other sites–they are generous with their traffic, just like blogs are!!! They get it and they are gonna crush the old school portals.

I can't tell you how many times I clicked on the "Title Link" expecting to see the comments and more details about the source only to end up on the original source. At first I thought this was a weird way of doing things, but I now get it. While Digg does offer a central location to chat about the topic, it by default gets out of the way and lets the content owner be the focus.

I am sure we will see a lot of similar tools/products in the future. Hopefully more of them take the a similar approach to Digg and Memeorandum by adding additional value and making the original source the focus. Sites like http://dotnetslackers.com miss the point and drive me nuts. They add no additional value and are simply focused on serving ads. I am all for re-syndicating my content, but only when it adds value to more than the re-syndicators pockets.

Phew, I think I quoted almost the whole of the Ancora Imparo post – but it's all relevant! The irony is that DotNetSlackers is a great site which is based on a forked (separated) version of the reBlogger codebase. There is clearly something to learn from this.

Here is what I have learned (so far):

  1. Send the visitor to the original source – as much as possible
  2. Honor the source, respect them, give them kudos
  3. When the content owner perceives you're earning more ad income from their content than they are – they get upset (makes sense!)
  4. If you choose to have someone's content you MUST add LOTS of value to it

This really reminds me to encourage you to read three of my posts which relate to this:

FeedFlare – building longevity into blog posts

blog content ownership and control

Content theft or revenue generation?

I think all three are vital to this conversation.


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