Dave kinda gets it

Want to make a million $? Dave gives out a free idea. He says:

Implement a search engine that accumulates all the stories pointed to by the top meme-engines over time.

I always wondered what would come next after the meme-engines, and now I think this may be it. It's one level more concentrated than the meme-engines.

I think that Dave thinks it's about storing the "thread" of related items that memeorandum collected together, because it's kinda hard to collect them back together later on. Tin Finger has already written along these lines!

My opinion is that reBlogger is going to be even better than that!

  • Why should memeorandum create threads of related items? Users should.
  • And why only include the most current discussion items into that thread, why not include 1 year old items or 5 year old items into that thread.
  • And why fix the thread in time, let it evolve and mature as more and more people edit the thread and republish their own thread.
  • And as threads intersect across posts which they have in common, show the various intersections and the different directions you can go in – all from this one post.

He also says:

Make it run off their RSS feeds. You'd have to build it quickly (get there first) and build it to scale, because it would be pretty popular and would grow fast.

He's not wrong. 🙂

Update: Monday 13 March 2006

Dave's getting warmer and warmer.

I don’t want to only see the stories that most people are interested in, I want interesting stories.

Here is a list of some of the features.

  1. Reverse-chronologic order. Every item gets a shot at being the top item.
  2. Not grouped by which site they came from or which type of site they came from.
  3. The relevance algorithm gets looser so that more items make the grade.

Dave Winer wants the new reBlogger, he just doesn't know it yet. We better hurry up and code this puppy before someone else does!


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