Relevancy! Relevancy! Devel… err… Relevancy!

I think the major problem in the meme space is that we don't grok relevancy. I use the word grok deliberately (not just as link-love to wikipedia). To grok, according to this jargon finder means:

When you claim to ‘grok’ some knowledge or technique, you are asserting that you have not merely learned it in a detached instrumental way but that it has become part of you, part of your identity

Reading Scoble's post really shows me the frustration users are having in finding information they want. That a need for relevance. Do we (the meme industry) understand what Scoble is looking for? In his particular case, he needs

  1. a combination of a news source (lots of new stuff),
  2. relevance keywords that he chooses (reBlogger does this well),
  3. exlcusion keywords (reBlogger does this well)
  4. and all this combined with some kind of voting and ranking system (vote this item up, that one down – like the commenting system in slashdot) where the good stuff rises to the top.The result of such a system – as described this far – would cause the right information for Scoble's particular interested to pop-up. Of course there would be a delay as people vote things up or down, but over time (given enough community involvement) the best information would rise to the top.
  5. So now, in my description, in each meme there are several blog posts that have risen to the top and are considered the best content on the web for that topic/meme. All that remains is to connect these best posts together. A thread linking system to link these best articles together – to create a reading list that spans the blogosphere in a useful and meaningful way, that would be useful I think? As more reading lists/threads evolve and pop into view, it would be hard to not see a system such as this as the ideal place to search for tutorials or research.

Please note that slashdot allows voting on comments to get the best comments out – given the ENORMOUS volume of comments they get. But I'm saying that we have such an ENORMOUS number of blog posts (50,000 blog posts per hour) that we need a similar voting system to find the best posts.

This is an interesting issue: would this post right here get voted down or up? Is it worth seeing or not? Well… for someone tracking the keyword "memes" it may be worth seeing, but for someone tracking another word that happens to be in this post, it may be completely irrelevant! So voting must be tracked in-the-context of the meme/thread/topic being viewed.

It's interesting that Digg has implemented the Digg commenting system here is a video showing the voting up and down of items. Again their voting is about comments.

Jeremy Zawdony write on the demise of Feedster. I see a few interesting things in his post: he tracks keywords, and when Feedster stopped giving him relevant results he dropped Feedster. Relevancy! Relevancy! Devel… erm… Relevancy! (I scream, as I wildly cavort across the stage sweating, huffing and puffing).

Jeremy Zawdony writes that Slashdot will go next. I think his words are salient:

Haven't we figured out that the crowd is generally smarter than any one individual in the crowd?


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