Semantic mashup artistes

Someone makes the car, another person engineers it, another builds the car show to display that year's best cars, another makes a car magazine, another offers to hotrod your car – and so on.

Is writing the blog post the end of the usefulness of that blog? No. Someone writes the blog, another person makes the blogging software, another (YPN) provides ads, another (FeedFlare) makes widgets for feeds. There is a whole ecosystem.

We all know about mashups for using applications (via their APIs) to merge them in new and interesting ways… but in the world of blogs… what about semantic mashups.

As a programer/project manager/business analyst I discovered there were two kinds of programers: builders and designers. The builders were the C++ types, they built the widgets (VBX, ActiveX etc.) that the designers (Visual Basic types) would use. You hardly ever found a VB programer writing a grid, they simply used a grid someone else had already built (usually in C++). It's anathema to a VB coder to write a widget, they use widgets!

This corresponds to the person who builds a chair and the interior decorator who uses the chair beautifully in a room.

This is why in a world of content, the 2.0 thing is to do a mashup. The builders have provided tons of apps for the designers to use in a mashup. PageFlakes shows that this concept is already very mature. Mashup camp shows there is already a mashup ecosystem growing well.

After cars came car shows. After C++ programmers came Visual Basic programmers. When you have enough variety of chairs, styles, colors and shapes – then come the interior house decorators.

Shortly to enter center-left: the blogoshpere designers… semantic mashup artistes. The question on their mind is: all this great content lying around in the blogosphere – what can we do with it?


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