Memes or just news?

When I visited Memeorandum, Megit, Tailrank and Chuquet (and others) I simply saw the same news headlines being displayed over and over. They didn't keep my attention. Technorati is impressive, but largely the same: simply a news source.

I have found some really interesting blog posts that imply that the art of meme tracking has not yet truly been invented yet. (That's great news, because then we still have a chance of getting this right with our own software!)

Alex Barnett blog – The real 'meme' trackers are yet to be invented

Publishing 2.0 – Idea Filter

This next link is a ripper! (The irony can be seen by first reading this post by Scoble)

Robert Scoble – The John Dvorakification of the blogosphere (I’m signing off of Memeorandum)

The key thing here is that Scoble (and others) wanted to follow the hype of the day – memeorandum does an excellent job of tracking the hype, who's saying what and about whom. In this way there is an ever-present flow of energy as the blogosphere (the people) jump from one topic to the next.

My point is this: hype /= relevance. You can remain hyped, or you can do some real work, do something useful or learn something new. But hype is just that – opinion followed by the energetic opinion of a bunch of people. It's no indicator of the usefulness, originality or value of the post.

Most of the best posts on any topic are still found through a search engine, because they are old and have long since fallen off memeorandum or technorati.

BTW: You'll notice that I happily post old blog posts – but that's because I'm not all that interested in New! as much as I am interested in Relevant! (As I find great posts on the topic of meme's, semantic web, web 2.0 and more. I'll put them in here. Enjoy!)



3 Responses to “Memes or just news?”

  1. laurencetimms Says:

    Nobody has got it anywhere near right yet – and it’s a moving target. I don’t know very much about reblogger, although I have seen some output; you’ve certainly got the code base to build on. Apart from that, memeorandum has the drop on everyone but it’s up to Gabe to keep ahead of the race.

    As for chuquet, we’re just ploughing our own furrow, sticking to our plans and moving slowly forward. Trying to ignore the memetracker hype, and avoiding the temptation of shoehorning in a quick OPML personisation hack.

    Personally I don’t really know what a memetracker should do. The term ‘memetracker’ is open to interpretation, so it’s not ideal.

    One thing you’ve got spot on: relevant is more important than new, unless the things that are most relevant to you are the newest things – as per slashdot, digg et al.

  2. Mark Wilson Says:

    Hi Laurence

    I am really looking forward to reading more of on your (new) blog. I’ve added a link to your blog.

    Scoble has an interesting big at the lack of relevance of meme projects:

    Maybe you or we can build something to win him back over? It’s great to have a goal to shoot for.


  3. laurencetimms Says:

    Doh! Even with cocomment turned on I keep missing comments to my comments…Mark – I will email you.

    But to respond here in ‘public’ – it’d be good to win Scoble back over, but he’s not my main target. I actually believe that there are masses of web users who want content that’s relevant to them, and masses of web users who are generating that content – the task is to put them together in a seamless and simple manner.

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