FeedFlare – building longevity into blog posts

I just saw this: FeedFlare from FeedBurner. If you've read my other posts about the need to see a blogger's posts as his/her property, even years after they have left their website and have been duplicated thousands of times, then you might see why I think FeedFlare is the next logical step for the longevity of blog posts.

What business problem does it solve?

FeedFlare changes the dynamic of how users interact with an RSS feed. Rather than just read content from a feed, subscribers can now take direct actions, such as being able to forward or save an item. In addition, publishers have long needed a way to tie their feed content back to their Web site, creating more of a community while maintaining a constant thread and connection to their content throughout syndication.

Why couldn't I have put it so well? 🙂

I think that 'bulking up' posts, injecting smarts directly into the post – regardless of the website which is displaying the post (ensuring the revenue of the post always goes back to the creator, for example) is very important. FeedFlare bulks up the posts and builds into them features which keep a tenuous link between the creator and their creation.

The reason this is important to me is that reBlogger make copies of content and it's tremendously important to me that the author, the creator, can still track, claim and benefit from their creation.



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