Do click-throughs indicate relevance and value?

Have you noticed since the reBlogger 3.1 update (on 22nd of Feb) that the reBlogger we have getting a LOT of posts in every day now? About 49 per day – a whole page! will have this problem AND MORE, so I was thinking more about how to encourage relevance – how to find the signal in the noise, how to find the needle in the haystack.

Of course, since RB will not by default display the newest daily content (there is too much anyway) it will ask for a search term first and THEN display the newest content – AJAX style. 🙂

You can then add more search terms and exclude words… and if you want, you can group those search terms together under a label (keyword/category) for easy storing. To store, so you can come back, you make a login. So that is an easy solution to having too much information thrown at you.

However, I have been thinking, we can count the number of people who clicked through to the original blog. I think when you have clicked through to the author, you have decided that in fact this author knows their stuff. You're voting for the author. So we can infer "authority" based on number of click throughs.

After using the search terms, and exclude terms, if we then order the content based on authority (not on time) we will be displaying the best content is at the top!



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