Tracking memes… and our world views

This is an interesting article called 'Rating the Meme Trackers – Memeorandum still tops, but Topix and TailRank up there too'. Gabe Rivera is interviewed about Memeorandum. The TechCrunch full list of meme trackers is here.

My fav quote is:

The space is clearly hot, with both funded and unfunded companies rushing to release products. The goal? Leverage all of the great edge blog content out there, figure out what’s hot at any given time by analyzing who’s linking to who (as well as other tools) and presenting that hot content to users.

I'm looking at the list and I know we've got something different here guys. 🙂 We're not going to present one view on the world of information, forcing all the visitors to read the content through that "lense". We're going to let users and visitors create their own views.

Why should the website be the "newsmaster" when it's the users who have entirely different points of view and opinions. Why should I view news items that are – to me – off topic, because you included those items. I'd like to have my world view, my lense/radar, my own river of news.

Go to and you'll be presented with their view on the world. Wouldn't you like to see all the world's information presented in YOUR own view? Including your keywords and excluding the keywords you have no interest in?

Maybe personalbee is heading in our direction, so we better get on with the coding! 🙂

What's so cool is that our technology is already built: reBlogger.


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