How can we add meaning?

What I want right now is to be able to choose some tags and collate them together into a keyword which I choose. So if I was tracking the congress-wikipedia debacle then I’d choose some inclusion tags (+wikipedia, +congress) and choose some exclusion tags (-bush) so that I exclude off topic posts. Then I’ll save these tags to my chosen view “Congress caught red handed” or a more cool new folksonomy (user-invented word) like: “wikigate”.

Now when I visit the site I can follow my wikigate story. As the drama unfolds, I can add more tags (like subpoena and 401k) (hehehe!) that I’m watching for, and they will filter up into my wikigate view. I may add more views that reflect how I track my world around me. All my views could be collected onto a world view page – a page that uniquely reflects me.

Maybe someday I’ll see a view that someone else created to track all Microsoft employee blogs (like Mini-MSFT) and I’ll like that view, but decide that I’d change a few things, exclude some topics and generally do a cleanup. So I import that view and edit it and republish it! Now users can try that view other view and my view and enjoy the one which most closely fits their world view.

That’s where I think it’s going… content will be ubiquitous… the real social value will be in expressing ourselves, our views on life and expressing our individuality, our way. And it will be easy, free and fun.


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