RDF… nope. XML… hmmm. Social software – yes!

I (like so many others) really thought that RDF had a chance. After all, machine readable sounds so cool… say it with me “machine readable”. Surely if we could delegate understanding content to a machine then they would do it better than us. What was the problem then? As an author of a book on XML (which sold 18,000 copies and paid for several great holidays) I was fairly confident I’d be able to read RDF. I looked at it, was stumped and gave up.

“Ah, XML you old beast, you’ll do the job” I said. “You’ll make the web structured by letting us publish and mark our content up. What’s this, competing schemas? Repositories? WSDL(s)? No matter, Microsoft Biztalk will help translate between the different markups.”

Hmmm… it just didn’t sit right. Maybe that will work for rich banks, governments and Big Co’s, but not for me, not for the individual.

I sort of gave up and didn’t do anything. For years. I read Kurt Cagle’s stuff, I admired his passion to keep banging away on his drum – even if nothing changed. I watched my friends from yesteryear go forward, onward and upward, but I don’t think bigger was better. There had to be a better way. Something for the rest of us.

I’ve discovered social software and Microformats. I’ve seen the light. The individual is driving the agenda once again (just like Dave Winer said many many times… or at least I think he has said it, or thinks it) . Google and the engines will battle to keep up!

This is how it should be. I’m writing. I’m having fun again.


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