Keeping up with the news… social software style

Whenever I find items I want to follow, I dash into reBlogger (our product we're building) and write up a keyword and add the tags that I'm searching for. I've made one here for Microformats and tags which collects posts on 2 terms from 100+ blogs and collates only the posts that relate to the terms I'm looking for – which then feeds up to the keyword (like a category) which I have defined.

If you're reading this, you're wondering if this is just a plug for our software. It's 10% plug and 90% me getting excited about where this is all going. Read on…

I also enjoy following the various seo contests and so I created a "seo contest" keyword for that too. Now in one place I can view what people are writing about with respect to my two favourite hot topics right now.

Actually, I am fascinated by the whole wikipedia and US Government/Congress thing that is going on. Today I read that the entire congress IP address range is banned. It's hillarious! But unfortunately I can't make a keyword with sub-search terms to collate on our website… because our website is focussed on SEO and this stuff would be off-topic.

Where can I go to track a bunch of related keywords in one central location – and maybe track several of them… and build up a world view… my own view on the world. Sigh, there isn't such a place. But wait, we built reBlogger, so let's build this new free service too!

So, that's how our new free service on the web was born. Cool huh?

I realised that this ability to search and collect and display in a convenient way that suits only me, is only available on my site. It's not on yours and it's not freely available for everyone in the way that or is available.



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