Introducing Mark

The team will introduce themselves in future posts.

I am busting to share some of the things I find fascinating about what I see going on in the web. Before I get cranking with my thoughts I figure the polite thing to do is introduce myself. Back in 1999 I began to write a book called XML Programming with VB and ASP in which I wrote about some of the ideas I thought the web could achieve.

Yesterday I literally bumped into some concepts which I recognised. Since then I’ve realised that while most of us thought the XML (or RDF) crowd would revolutionize the world of data… but in fact through sheer weight of numbers – the good old scrappy and disorganised HTML editors, writers and users will in fact categorize the data on the web.

Ah but I’m getting ahead of myself. Hehehe. I’m meant to be introducing myself, not talking tech. Well… not just yet. Not until the end of this post.


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